eXcessportal.com is a service of LIBRA Elektronik GmbH

eXcessportal.com provides a free service to buyers of electronic components and all consignment and logistics partners from LIBRA Elektronik GmbH.

eXcessportal.com shows all the inventory of LIBRA Elektronik GmbH.

All items offered are under the exclusive control of LIBRA Elektronik GmbH. Those items located in the Logistic Center of LIBRA Elektronik GmbH in Germany are marked with the X24 guaranteeing the shipment within 24 hours after receipt of your P/O. Items with no tag are located in our OEM-client's warehouse.

eXcessportal.com offers a free search to all potential buyers. However, if you are interested in getting a quotation for a part found in the eXcessportal.com marketplace, you just send your request through the portal and the stock sales department of LIBRA Elektronik GmbH will work on it asap and send you the quotation.

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