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LIBRA Elektronik GmbH

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LIBRA Elektronik GmbH

Quality and flexibility speak for themselves.

P/N Manufacturer Quantity Packaging D/C ROHS Status Availability Prepare for request
NXP 3377 T&R 12/38 RoHS
NXP 199 T&R nA Non RoHS
NXP 1553 T&R 07/24 RoHS
NXP 845 T&R 11/11 RoHS
NXP 1650 T&R 11/48 RoHS
Philips 1937 T&R 04/08 RoHS
Philips 669 T&R 04/08 RoHS
Philips 1118 T&R 05/31 RoHS

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